The Conflict Perspective Of Power Essay

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To begin, when it comes to the conflict perspective, power is one of the main sources of conflict in a relationship. In the past, the husband has had more power compared to the wife in a relationship. The person that holds more power in marriage has changed in recent years. These days, the wife is usually in charge of decision making when it comes to family finances, purchases, weekend activities, and even what to watch on television, (Henslin, 2007). Based on the chart from Morin and Cohn, women make 43 percent of decisions while men make 26 percent. Next, women used to be in charge of housework and child care, based on the symbolic interactionist perspective. As the years went on, husbands began to take on more and more of these “women duties”. Also, women started to take on the “man duties” of paid labor. Because both the husband and wife are sharing duties such as housework, there is more time to bond and care for the child. The sharing of certain duties is beginning to promote marital equality.
To begin, there are some similarities and differences in cultural themes of marriage in traditional and industrialized societies. First, in traditional societies, the structure of marriage is extended which includes the nuclear family and other family members such as grandparents or cousins. When it comes to industrial societies, the structure is nuclear, or includes the parents and child. The function of marriage for traditional societies are encompassing, while industrial…

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