Essay about The Conflict Perspective And The Functionalist Perspective

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Everyone is apart of a social class, whether they are the hobo that walks up and down the street, or the boss of a billion dollar company. The book says a social class is made up of people in relatively similar situations with roughly the same power, income, and prestige. There are roughly five social classes in America; upper class-elite, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, and the poor. There are many reasons social classes are apart of our society, such as culture, social structures, and socialization. However, much like race, the biggest reason social classes exist is due to power. The Conflict perspective and the Functionalist perspective are two different theories that can be used to defend someone’s reasons. The functionalist perspective says that society will only change something when that thing no longer benefits a group. It also focuses on how society maintains stability and all in all is very positive about society. On the contrary, The conflict perspective states that there is always conflict within a society and that it is usually between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Also, if workers are divided then they can not challenge the bourgeoisie. Lastly, social structures help maintain inequality in society. However, it all boils down to who was power and what people will do to stay in power.
First of all, social classes are a big part of our society because of culture. The book’s definition of culture is referring to a way of life within…

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