The Conflict Of The United States Government, Cyber Command, And The National Guard Bureau Leverage Big Data

712 Words Dec 13th, 2015 3 Pages
Currently with the ongoing Syrian conflict, it is recognized as the first war that is truly leveraging information and data on both sides. Mobile phones, social media networks and other cyber tools have become a vital part of the ongoing civil war that is being used for functions of mission command, rallying insurgencies as well as the fight in the information war. The question then becomes how can the United States Government, Cyber command, and the National Guard Bureau leverage Big Data for the Information Security to combat this threat of the digital age. The technologies and policies that are put into place should support a Defense in Depth strategy or a multi-layered approach employing a combination of controls with the goal of eliminating single points of failure within a system.

My recommendations are not centered in a magic bullet solution, clearly there must be investments made in cutting edge technologies that are not left to stagnate, however, without innovations and a diversity of thought in regards to how we deal with the monumental task of sifting through and analyzing the data collected we will continue to be in a reactionary posture for the foreseeable future. We must come together as an industry, both government and civilian sectors in order to ensure there is a sharing of information, mobilization of digital resources, and collaboration that will propel the industry to develop new innovations. These are the types of holistic idea generation that will…

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