The Conflict Of The Syrian Army Killed Protesters And Launched Syria Into A Civil War

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In March of 2011 a peaceful protest turned violent when the Syrian army killed protesters and launched Syria into a civil war (MercyCorp, “What You Need to Know about the Syria Crisis”). The war evolved from activists wanting governmental change to one that now includes ISIS, the Islamic extremist group. This has caused violence in Syria to escalate from airstrikes that outside powers have used to target ISIS, to the use of chemical weapons (MercyCorp). This has drawn the attention of American, Britain, and French governments. The attacks have been focused on schools and hospitals, catching ordinary Syrians in the crossfire. The violence has forced Syrians to flee to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, and to cross the Mediterranean to Europe (Fahiim, “As Syrians Flee Anew, Neighbors’ Altruism Hardens Into Resentment”). Refugees are faced with a large problem; many countries have closed their borders to refugees, which leaves the refugees stuck in the dangerous conditions of Syria. This essay will cover how countries around the world have a responsibility to accept and provide aid to refugees of war due to the violation of human rights and the dangers of modern warfare.
Countries around the world have a responsibility to uphold the standards defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article five of the Declaration of Human Rights states that “no one shall be subjected to…cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment,” yet the refugees are barred from leaving a war-torn…

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