Essay on The Conflict Of The Suburban Housing Projects

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One of the historic problems in the world was imperialism and as a result, people in France are being separated and immigrants were being killed in the housing projects. Discrimination is an effect of immigration. In France they were discriminating by trying to put all people in one category, but they are against it because this says “France assumes that all colors, races and creeds will blend into a single people. The situation in the suburban housing projects goes against this model.” In France it was illegal to do that. Consequently, in schools some students ignored the moment of silence and “Many in the suburbs of Paris said they understood why some children did not observe the moment of silence, even though they were against the terror attacks.” The children were discriminating even though they knew the terror attacks were bad which proves that they didn’t really care about the immigrants that died. For this reason imperialism is a huge problem
The causes for people joining ISIS are the Sunni, Shia divide and people think ISIS is fun, cool, they want to make money and they like the religion. Some people joined ISIS for religious purposes and in an ISIS magazine “A ny notions of doubt as to the "certainty of Allah 's promise" are described as "weak thought".” ISIS believed it was what Allah wanted. In a different article in an ISIS magazine it said stealing and taking over places was Allah’s gift and was allowed and it was right “the seizure of…

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