Essay on The Conflict Of The Middle East

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The region of the Middle East has been a constant war zone since the Iraqi Kurdish Revolt began in 1961. Being such a war torn region, they have gained the attention of many countries and international organizations. For an abundance of reasons that remain unclear to many, countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have sent troops, money, and other aid into the Middle East. Whether their intent was to honor the Anzus Defense Treaty, deny Afghanistan a safe haven, destroy the Taliban Regime, develop the Afghan culture, or build national and local Afghan security, the mystery that is often correlated with the involvement of armed forces in the Middle East has led to great dispute within the democratic nation of Australia. Originally signed in 1951, the ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, United States) Treaty was composed of a pair of alliances; one between Australia and New Zealand, the other consisted of Australia and The United States (“Afghanistan”). The treaty had never been put into effect until the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. The day of the terrorist attacks, Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, happened to be in Washington DC. As an immediate response, he agreed to stand by and support the United States in order to retaliate against the Taliban. In his words, “I believe very strongly that if we hadn’t have gone into Afghanistan, then there could well have been multiple further attacks.” Further, the…

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