The Conflict Of The Middle East Essays

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LARISON, D. (2015). Whose War in Yemen?. American Conservative, 14(5), 19-21.
The Middle East, in the recent past, has been a hot bed for war and suffering for millions. The power struggles that exist have fueled war and intervention from western nations, including the U.S. Terrorism has been outsourced due to ideology and religion which led to involvement from the outside entities. This article outlines one of the most recent struggles affecting, literally, millions more with extreme hardship.
The country of Yemen, in the Middle East, is a very poor country that has been in strife amongst its Shiite population for many decades. In the last year, a faction called Ansar Allah deposed the leader of the country and took control of the capital. The deposed leader fled to Saudi Arabia, where he was supported by that nations leaders, and has been attempting to return to power in Yemen. His attempts have been through the military intervention of the Saudis. The main focus of the article is the U.S. support for the war. The deposed leader, named Hadi, and his followers had been sympathetic to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in opposing Al Quada in the Arabian Peninsula. There are those that believe the situation is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Iranians have backed the Houthis in their quest.
The Saudis, with the help of the U.S., have imposed a blockade that has strangled the already impoverished population. The humanitarian crisis is among the worst currently in the…

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