Essay on The Conflict Of The Israel Palestine Conflict

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Two years ago, Ferguson, Missouri captivated America. With images of cars engulfed in flames, tear-gas smog, and protests consuming the streets, we were on edge—divided between whether or not Michael Brown was the victim of police brutality or his own actions. In the United States, we rarely see such divided, apocalyptic imagery. But protesters began to acknowledge a country in which divided imagery is embedded in its landscape. Protesters held signs to show solidarity with a place that Americans a generation before openly condemned. In this moment, Americans resurfaced a debate that was laying somewhat dormant on our soil: the Israel-Palestine conflict. Noticing similarities between oppressive military regimes, weaponized forces, and civilian injuries and deaths, Americans adopted the idea that Palestine is a victim of not only Israel, but also of the United States. With a global superpower on Israel’s side, pumping money into Israel’s economy, handing it weapons, and defending its human rights violations, Americans took to social media to reject their nation’s support. When #IStandWithPalestine and similar hashtags took over Twitter, Palestinians tweeted back. Yes! Magazine journalist Alexis Goldstein collected a series of tweets to document the international solidarity between both Palestinians and African-Americans. Tweets such as “The Palestinian people know what it mean [sic] to be shot while unarmed because of your ethnicity #Ferguson #Justice” and “Don’t…

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