The Conflict Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War turned a once united nation into two. Though many factors played into the war, it is evident that slavery was the main reason for battle. The Civil War was inevitable because the North and South disagreed on morality of slavery, whether the institution was constitutional, and whether changing the “southern way of life” would be good or bad. William Seward, a Republican from the North, saw slavery as inhumane. A white man will be free no matter if he is native or foreign simply because of his color. Seward, in his speech The Irrepressible Conflict, explained that slavery went against the chief elements of human life. He said slavery is damaging to “man’s soul” and to the unity of the nation. His argument concerned the divide between a free-labor society and slave labor. He said, “The free-labor system conforms to the divine law of equality, which is written in the hearts and consciences of men and therefore is always and everywhere beneficent.” Seward used the Constitution to support his stance against slavery. He explained that the pursuit of happiness was crucial to human life. If slaves were not allowed to pursue of life of happiness they were being deprived of something important to their moral being. He urged his audience to see that equality was an innately human desire. A slave was held to bondage and was restricted of his freedoms, which was unconstitutional. Like Seward, Lincoln recognizes that slavery was wrong. Though Lincolns main argument…

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