The Conflict Of The Civil War Essay

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The conflicts in Kansas were examples of the immediate causes of the Civil War. The acquisition of land in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the annexation of Texas in 1845, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) increased tensions between the North and the South and revived the sectional debate of slavery and its extension, for instance, the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois found it necessary to expand westward to create a railroad that linked Chicago and California to promote western settlement. Douglas proposed a plan to extinguish Native American land claims and create a Kansas and Nebraska Territory. However, in order to pass this bill Douglas had to win Southern support. In doing so, Douglas expelled the Missouri compromise, what had once kept the balance between the free and slave states, and resorted to popular sovereignty, which allowed for the settlers to decide whether or not to allow slavery. As a result, Southern whigs joined the Democratic party shifting the majority of the party towards the South. Anti-slavery whigs, the Liberty party, and free soiler democrats created the new Republican Party. In this change arose two very strong sectional parties. Missouri Senator David R. Atchison encouraged residents of his state to temporarily cross borders into Kansas to vote in crucial elections and increase the chances of making Kansas a slave state. These border crossers were often referred to as “border ruffians”. In opposition,…

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