The Conflict Of The Balkan War Essay example

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As was previously mentioned, the Balkan War reflects one way of historicizing mass murder. The Bosnian Serb soldiers and militiamen commenced a campaign of compiling lists of leading Muslim and Croat intellectuals, musicians, and professionals summarily executing them led by President Slobodan Milosevic and General Ratko Mladic from 1992- 1995. The system of control extended beyond inflicting bodily harm and encompassed systems intended to restrict the life and movement of non- Serb civilians. The rules were: prohibition on Non- Serbs from meeting in cafes, restaurants or other public places, bathing in rivers, hunting or fishing, and more. The punishment for those offenses was assault, kidnapping or death. The United States, Europe, and United Nations didn’t intervene as 200,000 Bosnians were killed, even though “many felt it was a war that arrived virtually on schedule” (Samantha Power) meaning that there wasn’t an absence of information about the atrocities. There wasn’t a shortage of information on the violence. Samantha Powers documents some of the evidence available to the American public in the form of photos and media coverage in her book The Problem from Hell. The media has compared the situation to The Holocaust, which created a problem for the Bush Administration as the comparison created an imperative to intervene, and once again reflected a problem with Lemkin’s definition as future instances of violence would continually be compared and held to the standard…

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