Essay on The Conflict Of South Africa

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Considering the fact that it is extremely difficult to separate the concepts of gender, guilt, power and dignity in any given conflict, as they intertwine any inter-state, as well as intrastate outbreaks of violence, in this paper I will analyze the way how these four concepts permeate two, in my opinion, very similar conflicts – the conflict in South Africa and the conflict in Argentina, as well as the way how the four concepts intermix with each other and influence each other.
In South Africa the liberation movement of the oppressed majority was seen by the government as an uprising of groups of people who should not have the same rights as the ruling minority. The rationale for this way of thinking was provided by the racial differences. A group of white people, a minority of a minority in South Africa, were holding the top positions in the leadership of apartheid government. The liberation movement, by which the black people fought for their rights to be recognized, was condemned and sharply opposed by the government. In the 1970’s case of Argentina, i.e. the state terrorism conducted by Military Junta, we can see many similarities to the South African unfortunate events from 1980’s. As classical realism defines it, power is conceptualized as domination or control. In both cases legal power of the government authorities was used, or, better to say, misused in order to control, dominate, and oppress population, and in order to make them and keep them submissive. South…

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