The Conflict Of Rwanda And Ethnic Groups Essay

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Rwanda was split up between two ethnic groups, the Hutu and Tutsi. For six hundred years the two groups shared the business of farming, their language, culture, and nationality. About ninety percent were Hutu, most Hutu are farmers who raise crops, cattle, and grow coffee. Five percent of the people are Tutsi, they work in businesses or government agencies (The World Book Encyclopedia). There have been many intermarriages between the groups. You could change what you were labeled as by marriage. A wedge was driven between them when European colonists moved in. Belgians chose Tutsis to be intermediaries between the governor and governed because they were tall and more aristocratic in appearance in the eyes of the Europeans. This thoughtless introduction of class consciousness unsettled the stability of Rwandan society. Some Tutsi began behaving like aristocrats, and treating the Hutu like they were peasants (Peace Pledge Union Information). The genocide was not a simple matter of mutual hatred between tribes erupting into irrational violence. The killings were planned in advance by a clique close to the President himself (Fisanick). In the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 more than five hundred thousand people died within one hundred days. The key event that started the genocide, although not the only reason, was the assassination of the president of Rwanda, Juvenal Habyarimana. He was returning from a summit in Tanzania when a missile shot his plane out of the sky over the capital…

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