Essay on The Conflict Of Minority Groups

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Throughout history, minority groups have experienced countless oppressive acts. Minority group oppression has led to a lack of culture preservation. Racial strife in Arc of Justice; forced assimilation in Bury My Heart at wounded Knee; the fight between the genders in Mays Homeward Bound; authoritarian governments and their subjects in With The Old Breed, and the victimization of poor people in the Worst Hard Time each share the theme of oppression. People in positions of power enact oppression. Oppressors refuse to assimilate the issues of a minority group. Targets of oppression survive by repressing feelings of torment, and by creating a euphoric subculture within their respective communities. The wounds of oppression heal slowly and are forever internalized by the target as well as the agent.
Human flaw has verifiably prompted human rights infringement as far as financial order 's and the abuse of classes deemed inferior. In white supremacy societies these hardships rarely get to be regulated, leaving those of lower statuses fixed in the same conditions for quite a long time upon decades. “He had the businessman’s drive, an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by a strong sense and pride and tempered by a dedication to fair dealing. (Boyle, 59). However, in the eyes of white people on Garland street he was just another black man who was stepping out of his place. This text clearly shows how African Americans get bolted into a cycle of destitution and hardship with practically…

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