The Conflict Of Love In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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The conflict of love was the main focus in three of Kate Chopin 's stories. The Storm involves a secret and quick affair between two past lovers; Calixta and Alce. The Story of an Hour involves a woman named Louise Mallard, who finds out her husband is dead and she is so overrun with joy that her heart gives out and she dies. And the last story, Desiree 's Baby, involves the heartbreak of the century; Desiree 's husband falls out of love with her. Now the question of these stories is; who loved who the most? Is love present? Or is there a lack of love? Out of the three husbands, Bobint was the husband that loved his wife the most. Calixita loves Bobint, but the marriage is unsatisfying because she is not receiving something she wants. It is …show more content…
She did not wish to be married, but she loved her husband just enough to stay with him. In the beginning of The Story of an Hour we find out that Louise Mallard 's husband, Brently Mallard, was killed. She was devastated at first, but then she realized this sensation in her. When she started saying "free, free, free!" She was saying that she was finally free from being tied down in marriage. "And yet she had loved him—sometimes. Often she had not." She was so unsure that she had ever loved her husband. She was so doubtful of any love that ever existed between the two. That is why she was so thrilled when she found out that she was finally free from her husband; she did not have to worry about love anymore. Maybe Brently treated her poorly and maybe the marriage was falling apart. Maybe that is why she was so thrilled of finally being free from him. "Body and soul free!" She had said. She was ecstatic that she would be free to do what she wanted with her body and with her soul. She was finally free to do the things she wanted without the consequences, if there were any, that came along with being married to her husband. Louise just felt restricted by the marriage. She felt as if she had lost herself in the marriage and now she was finally free to be …show more content…
In the story Desiree 's Baby Armand Aubigny falls in love with Desiree. "That was the way all the Aubignys fell in love, as if struck by a pistol shot." It was love at first sight. They got married and they had a baby together and Desiree was the happiest she had ever been. She told her mamma, "I 'm so happy; it frightens me." It frightened her because she was afraid of losing that happiness. She was so happy that she never wanted it to change; she did not want anything bad to happen. She loved Armand "desperately". Then one day everything changed and she had felt it. Armand had stopped loving her and she felt it within her soul. Armand stopped loving her because the baby was not white, so he assumed that Desiree was not white. "Desiree was miserable enough to die." Armand broke her heart and she wanted to do nothing else, but die. She loved Armand so much that she left with the baby because he wanted them to go. He just let her walk away. He did not love her anymore. Desiree was so in love with Armand that she did not want to live without him. She could not live without him so that is why she killed herself in the end of the story. Desiree was the wife that possessed true love for her

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