The Conflict Of Interest And The Work Place Essay

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Professionals should not develop a personal relationship in the work place because it is unethical, is a conflict of interest, and leads to more severe consequences. I will discuss the definition of a conflict of interests, the reasons why having a relationship that is too personal in the work place is unethical, and how it will impact me as a health educator.
A conflict of interest is when behavior and/or actions clash with the expectations of that professional. A conflict of interest can affect many aspects of the work place. It is important for health professionals to always be familiar with their contracts, ethical guidelines, and legal guidelines. There are various types of conflict of interest, such as: relations amongst coworkers, relations amongst clients, favoritism amongst employees, etc. Most forms of conflict are preventable by being aware of a companies policies and the ethical guidelines that are in place for your profession. Developing a relationship in the work place is ethically wrong because it crosses personal boundaries for both parties. The first thing a health or fitness professional should do is determine if this relationship is a conflict of interest of not. I believe this is a good start because once that individual sees that they can assess how to fix the problem. If a personal trainer has a client that they have developed a more personal relationship with, they can propose the idea for that client to go to another trainer. Proposing the idea for…

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