Essay on The Conflict Of Agamemnon And Agamemnon

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Achilles’ leaves the war because Agamemnon betrays him by taking his honor. Achilles did not “have any quarrel with the Trojans,” but he sailed with the army satisfy Agamemnon’s “precious pleasure” (H., 6). Achilles proved that he valued Agamemnon and was loyal to him by leaving his homeland to answer Agamemnon’s call. While the concept of friendship has yet to be discussed directly in the text, self-sacrifice seems to be valued. Agamemnon compensates Achilles for his help in the war by being a coward in battle and filling his own war chest afterwards (H., 6). Achilles eventually responds to the latest of Agamemnon’s mistakes, the threat to take Briseis, by saying, “and now you’re threatening to take away the prize” (H., 6). The exhausted tone here and throughout the speech indicates that this threat is one of many misguided actions taken by Agamemnon, and that Agamemnon has failed to echo the loyalty shown by Achilles back to him throughout the war. At the end of this speech Achilles announces his decision to return home because he feels that the reward of war under Agamemnon’s rule is not worth the sacrifice. Thus, Achilles decision to exit the war is not directly a consequence of his and Agamemnon’s clash over Briseis, but Achilles decided to leave the war because of Agamemnon has failed to value Achilles as a peer throughout the war. Achilles feeling of betrayal extends to others in the top of the Greek army as well. He calls for their revolt when he says,…

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