The Conflict Between Turks And Armenians Essay

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Turning off my iPod, I hiked a few more miles up the mountain, the echo of my racing heartbeat pulsing in my ears. Feeling my sweat, mingled with the drizzling rain, trickle down my neck, I let out a deep breath and looked down the edge at the lush greenery. Kicking a tiny rock, I watched it fly off the edge until it got lost somewhere among the warring bushes.
With the whispered song of the wind lulling me into a state of calm, I was back in second grade, playing at the park with some friends from school when I witnessed a group of Armenian boys bullying a half-Turkish, half-Armenian child, calling him all sorts of names, including “Murderer” and “dirty Turk.” Although my parents never condoned racism of any kind, I grew up in a community where hostility between Turks and Armenians was just a part of life. Decades of animosity have transcended generations, Armenians still scarred from the 1915 Genocide of our people and bitter that Turkish officials deny the mass killings took place.
But watching the four-year-old stand helplessly by as insults were hurled at him, I grew anxious with guilt. I could feel my stomach trying to make its way up my chest as I approached the group, my throat tightening the closer I got. I watched, caught between trepidation and outrage as the small boy stood against the slide, defenseless and his parents nowhere to be seen.
With dirty blonde hair and wide, doe-like hazel eyes, the boy reminded me of my younger cousin Arman, who was three years…

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