The Conflict Between The United States And The Middle East

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The conflict between the United States and the Middle East has been waging for more than a decade. America has found a new types of criminal activity throughout this time; specifically combatting terrorism. This situation is not as simple as it has been in the past, where people would single out a specific demographic of individuals and categorize them as the “enemy”. However, we can currently see U.S. citizens stereotyping Muslim-Americans throughout our daily lives, ignorantly muttering broken Arabic and cracking jokes about “suicide bombers”. Recently the reality has been brought to the forefront for people who are not so quick to judge minorities; that is that anyone can commit acts of terror, even U.S. citizens. The FBI recently reported that more than 200 Americans have tried to fight for ISIS (Hattem, Julian). The major way the U.S. has combatted terrorism in recent years is through the use of drone strikes, however when the U.S. lethally targeted one of its own citizens in 2011 there were many questions that needed to be answered. With these questions brought many critics claiming that the operation violated the Fifth and Fourth Amendments. This paper explores the current trend of U.S. law enforcement as well as law makers, both foreign and domestic and their battle with lethally targeting homeland terrorists. The most current terrorist organization at large is ISIS. ISIS, or more recently called ISIL, is an Islamic terrorist organization based out of Iraq, with a

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