Essay on The Conflict Between The United States And The Soviet Union

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As explained in The World in the Twentieth Century from Empires to Nations, Daniel Bowers and Thomas Sanders, after the Second World War, there was much recovering a rebuilding to be done with lives, human relations, and economic and political institutions, and much of this was felt through Europe. When the power left in Europe, the United States and the Soviet Union began reordering the European relations. In Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union began reconstructing based on the goals of the Moscow communist parties. In Western Europe, their economic shortages and fears of the Soviet Union made them dependent on the United States. In order for there not to be an economic collapse, the United States developed and international trade and financial system. Europe began to consider decolonization due to the pressure of being bankrupt from the war, and facing anti-imperialist pressure from the people. The conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union caused major devastation on Germany however, after several years there was resolution but at the cost the billions of dollars to repair and through the Marshall Plan (191-192).
There was a conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union called Iron Curtain. This “suggested that an impenetrable wall divided Europe, split apart by the Soviet sphere of domination in Eastern Europe.’ The United States had their military and economic advantage while, the Soviet Union held the label “superpowers.” This caused the hostility…

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