The Conflict Between The Police And The African American Community

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community as much as the community needs the police. To reduce the conflict there needs to be an understanding that the community do not want to be treated like they have no value, and the police would like to be treated like they too have value in the community “Conflict between the police and the African American community remain a serious problem in all parts of the country” (Walker, 2008). One way to reduce conflict begins with the officer gaining intimate knowledge of his assigned zone, become a living breathing presence in the community. Get to know the small business owner, allow the people in the zone (that you must command) to develop a line of communication with “officer friendly” in order to weed out the neighborhood rats. In order to have effective communication, one must be cognitive of the others background and/or way of living. Body langue is a way of communication; officers need to understand that there is more than one message from the same body langue’s. Tools for effective communication are visual, audio and physical, used together they display a good picture of the person’s emotional state of mind. These same tools can be used to reduce conflict when citizens and officers become engaged in a poignant volatile type of conversation. Another form of conflict is also caused by the District Attorney’s DA, in the event the DA find the office in a high profile case involving a police officer, the DA can assign the case to an independent special…

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