The Conflict Between The Haitian And American Respective Cultures

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With the proliferation of cross cultural contact, it is imperative to be well acclimated with the geopolitical climate of a nation. Additionally, one must also be more generally habituated in regards to the current circumstances within that nation/Geo-political region. One such geopolitical climate that merits consideration is the Hispaniola region, more specifically the nation of Haiti. With both a rich social and geographical topography, Haiti presents an individual with an interesting case study in pertinence to military considerations. Under military considerations it is essential to frame ones’ understanding through elements of cultural expertise, understanding and awareness. Thus, one must undertake the meaning of culture, in addition to the characteristics that define a culture. Furthermore, an individual must be able to trace the commonalities between the nations of the Hispaniola region. In conclusion, it can be said that the agency of revolutionary politics and a modern day impoverished climate has created a culture conducive to American values and alliance. In transition for one to properly understand the divide between the Haitian and American respective cultures, an individual must be formally introduced to the foundations of culture.
The fundamentals of culture, foster steadfast boundaries for establishing the paradigm between regions and nations alike. To commence the conversation of political paradigms, one must consider the meaning of culture…

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