The Conflict Between The French And English Empires Essay

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Both Natives and Jesuits made concessions in order to get along with each other; an original culture and religion emerged. As scholar Richard White explains, “the middle ground depended on the inability of both sides to gain their ends through force. The middle ground grew according to the need of people to find a means, other than force, to gain the cooperation or consent of foreigners.”1In the case of the Hurons and Iroquois, these two political ensembles started to value the French as economical and political partners, and, likewise, the Jesuits, outnumbered and non-military trained, could not gain the Indians ' conversions by force in the long run. The middle ground appeared in the area of accommodation and common meaning between the Jesuits and the two Indigenous groups and eventually led to the “the adaptation and creation of culture.”2 However, this process of cultural creation is still connected with the conflict between the French and English empires that I described earlier. Indeed, one portion of the Mohawk society within the Iroquois confederation forged links with the English, newly installed in New York, whereas the other part chose the French side and even opted to migrate to the French settlements. Kahnawake, the village settled across the St. Lawrence from Montreal, is a great example of the accommodation between the Iroquois will of independence and cultural preservation, and the Jesuits ' attempts of conversion and submission to the French authority. This…

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