The Conflict Between The Arab Tribes And The Middle East Essay

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Introduction In 1914, the world was divided by power and who held it. In the Middle East that was the Ottoman Empire. An empire that expanded that ruled from Turkey and held control along the Arabian Peninsula. This region was as complicated as the western front with a multitude of players on a single field, with Germany, France, Britain, and the Arab tribes all vying for power and influence. Germany combined with the Ottoman Empire and the allies of Britain and France backing their support for the Arab tribes. Creating cacophony of cultures clashing together. With clashing cultures it was necessary to have intermediaries for this large empires on the ground to make sure that the goals of the government was met. For the British this was a man named T.E. Lawrence. A man who had already due to schooling had expierence with the Arabian people and the Middle East, was picked to fight alongside the Arabs against the ottoman empire. T.E. Lawrence, was a man who became torn between two people, the Arab and the British. With the development of The Sykes-Picot Agreement, Lawrence had to witness the rise of imperialism in the Middle East despite the promise of free independent states T.E. Lawrence was a British subject, yet it cannot be contested that he had an immense love for the Arabic people and their cause. T.E. Lawrence was the intermediary for the East and West but his job was only a partial success due to the creation of the Sykes-Picot Agreement which only…

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