The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine Essay example

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The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for the almost a century. It initially started when the Zionist Jews immigrated to Palestine in hope of finding a land to create a Jewish state. As more and more Jews came to the area, fighting between the Jews and the native Palestinians broke out. The future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin said, “As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy. God, God, Thou has chosen us for conquest.” ( ). Driven by God the Israeli forces launched a two year offensive way which they ended up with even more territory than the United Nations had previously given them in 1947. With United States backing Israel has dominated this conflict over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine exemplifies examples of the different approaches to realism, including structural and classical realism. Realism is an approach to international relations that focuses on the principles that international system is anarchic and a state’s main goal is survival, therefore they look to maximize their power in order to achieve this goal. Structural and classical realism are seen in Israel’s method of dealing with Palestine and the United States’ steadfast support of Israel prior to and during these events, respectively. While there are a few similarities between the two schools realism, the United States alliance with Israel predominantly…

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