Essay on The Conflict Between Glenn And Greg

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The concept of face and how it relates to conflict can be complicated. However, understanding and evaluating the role that face plays in a conflict can help those involved understand the actions of the others involved and possibly hold a key toward resolving the conflict. In the Conflict and a R&D Organization case, saving face plays a prominent role in the conflict between Glenn and Greg (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.). Glenn and Greg both are concerned with face loss, this concern contributes to Glenn and Greg’s inability to resolve the conflict and understanding the role face-saving played in this conflict could have meant a different outcome (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.; Folger, Poole, & Stutman, 2013, p. 177-202). Both Glenn and Greg have concerns over positive and negative face (Conflict in an R&D, n.d.; Folger, Poole, & Stutman, 2013, p. 177). For Glenn, his desire to maintain positive face explains a great deal about his actions. Positive face refers to having the acceptance and approval of others. To maintain positive face, Glenn needs to be seen by others as the accomplished and in control of his research assistants, including Greg. Another aspect of maintaining positive face for Glenn would be in whether his appointment of Greg outside of normal procedures is successful. For Greg, maintaining positive face means that his contributions as a research assistant and his personal work are both recognized. Additionally, Greg may also be concerned about his perception of being…

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