The Conflict Between American And Different Cultures Essay

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Globalize, Google defines globalize as develop or be developed so as to make possible international influence or operation. As the world became globalize, people have to face numerous different cultures from different countries in their life. Nowadays people know understanding and embracing other cultures is better than excluding the different culture from their society. Since there are lots of immigrant in the United States it is general to see the conflicts between American and different cultures. One of the most areas that constantly making the issue because of different cultures colliding is childrearing. It can be child abuse, or it can be the way of educating their child. These two different opinions are looking at the same issue, but it gives the different thought for each people. Especially in the school, it is so tough for the teachers to decide students ' education from their home is child abuse or not. As I mentioned before, people should respect their cultures and embrace the way of their childrearing, but some of their childrearing methods are too abusive that people cannot endure the way of their education. In my opinion, the way they said it is just different cultures of childrearing are the purified word of child abuse, and they should stop what they are doing on their child although it is cultural differences between us and them.

One of the ethical area that related to the childrearing issue is cultural relativism. Since childrearing issue became a problem…

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