The Confessions Of Saint Augustine Essay

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Augustine, the author of “The Confessions of Saint Augustine”, went through different trials and triumphs throughout the course of his life. One of the most important concepts to analyze is the idea of sin and the effects of sin on Augustine’s journey of faith. Throughout the beginning of his confessions, Augustine makes a big ordeal over sin in his life and what it means to him, as a reflection of his crisis point. During Augustine’s early years his life was preoccupied with the notion of sin. The symbol of his regret and disgust with his adolescent years eventually led to a transition point in his life that brought him closer to God.
The readings from the Confessions evoke a background idea of sin. Sin is important in Augustine’s life, since it essentially changes the course of his actions. I believe that if Augustine never sinned throughout his early childhood, he would not have realized all the bad he was doing and that he needed to change his lifestyle. Throughout the Confessions, Augustine explains that he sins for no reason other than to impress his friends. He states, “By myself I would not have committed that theft in which what pleased me was not what I stole but the fact that I stole” (2:9:17). Augustine focuses on his autobiography and how sin comes from inside us humans. He notices that over time if a person continues to sin, then that will not help them get to God.
To understand most of Augustine’s early life, we must look at the idea of original sin and…

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