The Confessions By Saint Augustine Of Hippo Essay

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Throughout The Confessions, Saint Augustine of Hippo plays a big role in influencing Christianity. Augustine took ideas from pre-Christian thinkers, and was very influential in getting those ideas about Christianity out to the world. Augustine was very effective in getting his ideas about Christianity out; he was effective at getting his points across, especially when he compared his ideas to Ovid, the idea of internal verses external, and the concept of fate. In The Confessions, Augustine and Ovid both voice their opinions on how everything changes and how everything eventually passes away. Augustine’s faith and belief in Christianity leads his argument away from what Ovid says. Ovid expressed his thoughts on life after death, and explained how there is nothing that truly dies; one’s spirit travels into another being after death, and that process keeps happening over and over. Augustine believed in the idea of transience. Augustine said, “ They arise and sink; in their rising they begin to exist and grow toward their perfection, but once perfect they grow old and perish; or if not all reach old age, yet certainty all perish.” As Augustine showed his belief that all living things, perish and come to an end, while Ovid believed in the idea that the soul stayed alive and lived on in other things. Augustine emphasized the importance of putting your faith and trust in God. Augustine explained his troubles with the loss of loved ones and the impact grief can have one people.…

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