The Confession About Oppression At Clemson University 's Survey On Bullying

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The Confession about Oppression
Clemson University’s survey on bullying was reported by NBS News; the article states, “Researchers surveyed 524,054 students at 1,593 schools across the nation over the last two years… They found that 17 percent of kids reported on anonymous questionnaires that they are being bullied two to three times a month or more” (Carrol). Within every high school across the world lies the heart of bullying, and everyone student has witnessed, conducted, or fallen victim to bullying.
Lucy Peters falls into the latter of the three. Every day for the past three years, she has had to put up with Jack bullying her from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. This day is the same as usual; Lucy is called nasty names, pushed into lockers, and shoulder checked by Jack. As she walks into her last class, she sees Jack is sitting on her desk like a king. When he sees her, he hops off and walks towards her. She takes her seat and stares down at her lap while he criticizes her hair and outfit, but when he starts scrutinizing her family, she stands up for them. This surprises Jack, but it also makes him angrier than a grizzly bear woken from its slumber. He shoves her out of the chair with sheer force. When the teacher comes in, Jack tells the teacher, “She deserved it.”
Situations such as Lucy’s occur far too often in today’s society. Students mistreatment one another for petty reasons, and they do so without thinking of the consequences. Everyone knows that…

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