The Confederate Flag By Joy Ann Reid Essay

1141 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
The confederate flag has been up for centuries in more than one place in the United States of America, for some it’s viewed as symbol of pride, dignity and history in the south. For others it is seen as an image of hatred violence and separation. The subject of the Confederate flag has been up for discussion for a long time and it wasn’t until recently that it finally got pulled down, ending a tradition, but is it a tradition of pride or tragedy. That is the question people of all races, ethnicity and even religions have been posing, for one writer they already have their mind and views set on what they believe the flag exists for. Joy-Ann Reid is an author for MSNBC, given this statement it is already clear where her mind is set and who is arguing against. But she takes a differing views rather than the already left wing platform. In the opening of the article she discusses that there is in fact a true story behind the confederate flag by first talking about the roll it has played in South Carolina, which has been the epicenter of this debate that has been going on for most of the summer. And it is also the place where nine people were murdered in a church, which sparked an uproar of the actual revived removal of the flag.
Now when we look at the factual history of the Confederate Flag a lot of things come to mind; racism, conflict, and war to name a few. On the subject of racism, it was very a surprise to understand that the backing of the Confederate flag was to allow…

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