The Confederacy Lost The Civil War Essay example

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Gary W. Gallagher introduces his book by stating propositions made by other historians, along with their arguments and sources, as to why the Confederacy lost the Civil War. Most of these arguments pointed to lack of desire, or commitment for independence. These historians made their proposals by working backwards from the surrender of the South to the beginning of war. Gallagher’s argument is that a majority of citizens in the Confederacy had the will and determination to fight for independence to the bitter end. He applies doubt in arguments made by other historians by pointing out misconceptions about the lack of support based on a few primary sources, such as the diary by Marry Chesnut. Although these are the go to primary sources, Gallagher pointed out that they are only a small sample of attitudes held by some Confederate citizens.
The first chapter begins by suggesting the length of the war was an indication of weakened Confederate determination. The author turns this around by asking, if the Confederate people were not so determined to fight the war, then “Why did so many Confederates fight so long?” (Gallagher 17) Comparisons were made between the North and South such as, the lack of industry, population, and military armaments as well as the issue of internal class conflicts on both sides. Was this war fought by the poor or for the rich? Even the question of religion is put forth by some scholars, due to religions incompatibility with the Southern…

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