Essay on The Condemnation From Mr. K

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The condemnation from Mr.K
Started writing in Oct.30 2015, ended in Nov.1st
“Did you not know how to wear a condom? Were you that stupid?”
What is this mutiny I am hearing? What kind of obscurity is this? I am mad for this nonsense, but I feel tears trickling down my cheek. The content of the words he speak do not sadden me more than the way he speaks. He is speaking to me as a stranger. His cold and dull eyes make me feel nauseous. I have been sick to my stomach just looking at his eyes, and now the sickness has turned into a deep pang in the heart.
“Do you know how much pain you caused because of this accident?”
“You were not an accident! You were the greatest gift I have ever received.”
“I might have been the greatest gift for you, but coming into existence has been the most dreadful curse to shackle me.”
“Your mom died giving birth to you. She sacrificed herself so that you may have life.”
She could have easily aborted him. I begged her to do so. However, she had such a conviction that she would be killing a precious life. I still begged her, but her decision would not budge. She underwent the surgery to save her unborn child, meanwhile putting her own life. She died during the surgery, but the fetus was miraculously revived. He was a miracle baby, and I had the duty to take care of him. It was her last favour that her child should carry her torch spread its light to many people. She died with a smile because she firmly believed she would see her favour come true in the…

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