The Concert That I Attended Was The Sphinx Virtuosi, Latin Voyages

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The concert that I attended was the Sphinx Virtuosi, Latin Voyages, which occurred on October 5th, 2016, 7:30 pm at the Hammer Theatre. With regards to the venue, it appeared to be an oval shaped movie theatre. It had many of the similar characteristics of a cinema. For example, the seating arrangements, relaxing ambience and lights on either sides of the theatre. Subsequently, there were a few differences. For example, there was an usher to assist individuals with seating queries, a sound and lighting booth and most notably a stage located in the front-center of the theatre. The stage was around the size of one and half times our music classroom, while around 8 musical stands were concentrated around center-stage. Additionally, there was a lower seating section and a balcony in the concert theatre. I was seated in the lower section, next to the sound booth. It was very interesting to sit next to the individual controlling the lights and sound. His system that he was interacting with had many buttons and LED indicators that were shining an abundance of colors. When the performers walked on stage, immediately I noticed many things about them. Firstly, the performers only had string instruments in their possession, which meant I was about to witness a string ensemble. Secondly, they were extremely diverse in terms of race, gender and age. Furthermore, the men wore sleek black suits and the women wore elegant dresses. This gave the perception that their performance was going…

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