The Concert Hall, Raleigh, Concert, By Paul Randall And Composed By Bill Evans

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The concert took place on November 4, 2016 in Meymandi Concert Hall, Raleigh. In concert, I had enjoyed a lot. Especially the Saxophone and a piano subsequently switched the tune of the tune as if they were dancing like two lovers. As the saxophone took the airs as well as the piano and other instruments within the ensemble were in accompaniment for the love of the tune the texture altered within the tune. The tempo, which was always steady appeared to get quicker like a pulse by the climax of the tune. It was also at this point the dynamics of the tune were increasingly becoming louder until all instruments met using a bag on top and then altered the dynamics again to a reasonable degree until the tune ended. “Billy the Kid,” arranged by PAUL RANDALL and composed by Bill Evans, was a consonant, slow-beat waltz. The texture of the piece stayed the same through its entirety as well as the 1, 2, 3 pattern was also quite clearly throughout the as well. The saxophone, trumpet, and electric guitar did so by means of this performance in the kind of solos and took turns in the air. The dynamics throughout this tune were not hard and then rose to a reasonable degree before a decrescendo to an amount that is softer once more. Guest trumpeter, PAUL RANDALL played “Billy the Kid,” the night of the concert. This piece started by having quite dissonant tones within the harmony together with the debut of a piano and drums. The tune is subsequently transformed into a consonant harmony,…

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