The Conceptualization And Theorization Of The African Diaspora

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The conceptualization and theorization of the African diaspora comes from the understanding of experiences and history of the dispersed people of African descent throughout the world. The diaspora of the African people has been understood through numerous means, which has allowed scholars the ability to explore the dispersion in terms of major themes, most commonly identity and memory. These themes are significant in understanding the diaspora because it allows a platform for people of African descent to comprehend and possibly relate to the chronicles of those of the African Diaspora. This possible relation between the two creates a basis that allows the consideration of whether the experiences of the African-descended can be placed together with the experiences of those from the African Diaspora and the Black Atlantic. In order to conceptualize the history of the dispersed people of African descent, the African Diaspora must be defined and understood on a micro-level initially. Diaspora, which is the Greek terminology of dispersion, is the migration of people of one community into other parts of the world, for various reasons like forced or voluntary relocation, economic and educational opportunities, climate, slavery, etc. The African Diaspora is the dispersion of the black community from Africa to other parts of the world for multiple reasons. Academics of black history now use the term diaspora, originally coined to reference Greek and Jewish history dispersions, to…

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