Essay about The Conceptual Focus Of A Composer

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The conceptual focus of a composer principally arises from their

contextual worlds, sourced from the interconnectivity of society and literature. As

such, appreciations of the social, historical and cultural factors influencing a

composer’s composition are critical in gaining an ultimate understanding of a text.

Constructed shortly after the end of WWII, where the full extent of atrocities

committed by Germany and Russia were revealed, George Orwell’s politically

satiric “1984” reflects the highly oppressive state which had been omnipresent

during the late 1940’s.Similarly, but filmed 20 years prior to 1984, Fritz Lang’s

social critique “Metropolis” also mirrors the inherent repression and disregard for

social harmony that had resulted from mass industrialization during the Weimer

Republic. Due to the similar contexts, both texts place extensive fixations upon

the ramifications of the tyrannical pursuit of control and rapid technological

advancement; resulting in compelling explorations of timeless intrinsic values,

effectively accentuating an understanding of both texts.

Lang’s noir film “Metropolis”, epitomises the composer’s concern with

control. Control in the film is represented as a fluid force that governs the

dynamic between workers and rulers. The prevalence of the panoptic systems of

control in this world and the ways in which the workers elude the system

effectively demonstrates the constant permutation of structural control.…

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