Essay on The Concepts Of Small Group Communication

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Communication can be traced all the way back to when cavemen lived in caves, but along the way, people stopped paying much attention to it. Groups, weather they are business professionals or student learning groups, tend to believe communication is unimportant when working on projects. However, as technology begins to advance, communication has become more difficult to understand and perform. The three concepts of small group communication include, competent communication, primary dimensions of groups, and norming--all which can improve how an individual interacts and why a person communicates. Practicing these concepts will not only guide students or business partners to be open and understanding, but also gain the title of being a competent communicator.

A competent communicator possess communication that is both effective and appropriate in order to build strong connections and positive relationships. Effective communication is how well a group communicates to achieve a goal. For example, a quarterback and a receiver must communicate effectively in order to make a touchdown for the team. Appropriate communication is complying to rules that are based on either the environment or the audience. For example, if a teenager is unable to go to work two hours before her shift and instead emails their boss about her schedule change, the teen would be communicating inappropriately because the rule is to call her boss. Both concepts work together to easily achieve goals and build…

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