The Concepts Of Creative Process Essay

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The concept of creative process has become the topic of many arguments and studies. However, some statements debate that it would be confusion if creativity is just developed spontaneously, and insisting the creation of ideas are followed by skillful techniques. (Korbo, 1992) Creativity is a mental process that generates new meaningful ideas based on original thoughts, or converts existing ideas into new concepts (Gabora, 2014). Many experiential readings in psychology and marketing aspects have mentioned about the processes of creativity. The most popular one should be the Young’s Five-Step Model Of Creative Process shaped by James Webb Young in 1939. (Chand, 2014) There are five steps of the Young’s Creative Process, which include immersion, digestion, incubation, illumination and verification. There are also other creative processes except the above one, such as the Wallas’s Creative Process that was produced by Graham Wallas in 1926, thirteen years before the Young’s Creative Process. It is also a perceptive creative process, contains four similar stages as the Young’s one. They are preparation, incubation, illumination and verification. Although there are different people generate these processes, they gave similar guidelines to advertising agencies or individuals to develop some random thoughts into creative ideas. (Popova, 2012)

My creative deliverable is created for the Jack Daniel’s and targeted young women by using a story-telling technique. It is generally…

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