Essay on The Concepts Of Caring And Compassion

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Compassion and caring are the most basic elements that hold every human being together, whether it is family, friends, or personal relationships. These are also two crucial human values in health care and in society in general. It is the key to forming social and personal relationships with patients and healthcare personnel. As for nursing and medical students, they spend a tremendous amount of time grasping knowledge about a variety of medical-related courses – human anatomy, human growth and development, microbiology, etc. However, there is much more to being a great doctor or nurse than interpreting and analyzing illnesses and diagnostic tests, prescribing treatments, and maintaining technical competencies. Nurses and doctors should realize that majority of patients are more than illness, disease, or injury they are diagnosed with. Becoming an exceptional and a virtuous doctor or nurse takes a special set of skills and personalities, which means developing and enhancing compassion, solicitude, empathy, and strong interpersonal skills. Therefore, the concepts of caring and compassion should be taught as part of the medical and nursing students’ curriculum because it leads to an increased patient satisfaction, fewer health care errors with better patient outcomes, and a much pleasurable experience in the medical field.
To start off, increased patient satisfaction and contentment come hand in hand when nurses and doctors treat their patients with compassion and empathy.…

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