The Concepts Of Adaptation And Mitigation Essay

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The concepts of adaptation and mitigation have been vital to the evolution of the human race especially in the period where humans moved from scattered bands of hunter gatherers to the sedentary agricultural societies. Adaption has do with the ability to adjust to changes that occur in ones surroundings to best suits ones needs. A simple example of adaptation might be if a hunter gatherer group could not find adequate herds of prey in the region they lived in, so they subsequently moved to somewhere with more resources. On the other hand, mitigation is the creation of solutions for problems. Taking the hunter gatherer example from above, the group could have encouraged new herds of animals by burning parts of the forest to encourage fresh vegetation growth which animals might like to eat. Often the people of today think of hunter gatherers as very primitive, yet as Moran argues these hunter gatherers were not simply victims of environmental change, but in fact these groups had a “great variety of adaptive strategies, and often leisurely ways in which HG groups lived”(Moran, 2006, p.45). In contrast to the hunter gatherer lifestyle, farming took longer to become widespread and it is suggested that farming was largely adopted as an adaption to larger human populations that were increasingly vulnerable to food insecurity. At the same time as farming took off, pastoralism developed and there are signs that pastoralists often had symbiotic relationships with farming communities…

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