The Concept Of Sustainable Development Essay

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The concept of sustainable development has become ubiquitous in many aspects of modern society. Most multinational corporations release annual sustainability reports and the word “sustainable” is on stickered onto cereals, water bottles, and even cars. Despite its familiarity, there is little consensus on the term’s true meaning. It means different things to different people at different times, consistently evolving as pertinent to environmental governance at the time, growing from a concept that only took into account humans, into a larger idea that affects all kinds of life through space and time, taking into account “needs” and limitations. Sustainable development is controversial when it comes to the North-South divide because of the necessary trade-offs and because no one wants to bear the costs. Sustainable development, though it seems to be an all-encompassing solution to all of earth’s climate-related problems, is an intricate and ever-changing idea.
The notion of sustainable development, though not the actual term, first came into international environmental politics in 1972 at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm. It was generally agreed at this conference that people had rights to adequate food, sound housing, safe water, access to family planning, and more (UNCSD, 2011). After this recognition in 1972, the International Union for the Conservation of Natural Resources published the World Conservation Strategy in 1980 which…

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