The Concept Of Social Theory That Is Put Forth By Berger And Luckmann

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This paper is heavily focused on the concepts of social theory that is put forth by Berger and Luckmann (2004). However, the concept that needs to be brought to light is that of multitude. In reference to Hardt and Negri (2004), these authors focus on class and how multitude is about unity. It is mainly focused on an economic level, however there is much more that comes into play when considering class. They state, “…there is a potentially infinite number of classes that comprise contemporary society based not only on economic differences but also on those of race, ethnicity, geography, gender, sexuality, and other factors” (p. 104). Given that my counterpublic is the HeForShe movement, which focuses primarily on gender equality, the concept of multitude is an important factor. “A multitude is an irreducible multiplicity; the singular social differences that constitute the multitude must always be expressed and can never be flattened into sameness, unity, identity or indifference” (p. 105). This statement highlights what the HeForShe campaign is trying to accomplish. The want for gender equality does not mean to not acknowledge gender at all. It should still be acknowledge. It does not mean that everyone has to act the same or look the same. Seeing the world as a kind of multitude, and adding gender equality to the equation, ones gender would not matter to the multitude, meaning it would not “divide” it. Individuals would have a chance at the same jobs no matter their…

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