The Concept Of Self-Effectiveness And Learning Motivity

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1. Define self-effectiveness and learning motivation and discuss the relationship between the two concepts.

Self-effectiveness – Is defined as the belief in ones capabilities to carry out, organize and perform a task successfully. (Bandura,1997). Academic motivation is discussed in terms of self-effectiveness based on, an individual's judgments of his or her capabilities to perform given actions. Whether it’s obtaining 90% for a module or finishing a specific goal, this particular student would make it his/her obligation to succeed in the task. It is seen as a driving force for people/students. However self-efficacy theory, in my understanding is a foundation built on the following factors
• Perceive – What the student understands based on
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Determination is when the student knows that they have done wrong in the task given to them and they will not just accept the given mark they will go out of their way to find a different solution to whatever problem is at hand. So when one defines self-effectiveness one needs to take the following into consideration: Self effectiveness affects all aspects of life including exercising, health behaviours, emotional responses, academic pursuits and career choices. According to Ormond, social cognitive theorist believe self –effectiveness is developed from ones previous success and failures. Whereas learner motivation consist of the internal and external factors that stimulates the learners desire to attain a specific goal. Both are driving forces that make students achieve a goal and overcome obstacles because people with high self- efficiency and learner motivation do their best and do not easily give up. However in my understanding Learner Motivation is has to factors intrinsic and extrinsic which we all …show more content…
Interview Questions:
1. What is your understanding of the concept self-effectiveness?
• It’s the belief in ones capabilities to execute a goal or task set in front of the individual whereby he or she does it to his/her best abilities and completes it successfully.
2. Would you consider yourself as a self-effective person and why?
• I do consider myself as a self-effective person because personally I believe that I am very goal driven and I usually proof people wrong who doubt me and doubt my academic skills, and people who think I’m incapable of achieving a certain task. And also I love challenging myself so if I can believe in myself to do something I will do it to the best of my abilities and prove anybody wrong that’s doubts me.Even if its crossing obstacles in life that might limit me to reach my goal I will make sure I complete whatever task I’ve put on my goal list.

3. Please describe your understanding of learning motivation.
• Learning motivation would have to the things that influence your motivation to learn such as internal and external.
4. In which way does learning motivation contribute to your academic

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