The Concept Of Self Actualization Essay

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The concept of self-actualization is defined as reaching one’s full potential as a human being. The concept originates from and organismic meta-theory meaning humans are not born empty to be filled, but are actively in pursuit of actualization. Humans are genetically setup to thrive in their environment in the best way possible if given the correct tools. The Self Determination Theory is used to explain actualization and defines it as normal human potentials. The theory assumes that humans want to be proactive to move toward refinement and integration in self-functioning, (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). Full-functioning is another phrase for self-actualization and is theoretically linked to eudaimonic well-being, (Bauer, J. J., Schwab, J. R., & McAdams, D. P. 2011). To be fully functioning, one needs access to and uses all capacities for experience, connection, and productivity. They include being aware and mindful, acting autonomous, and attaining intrinsic life goals. These autonomous behaviors are broken down into three specific behaviors. They are intrinsically motivated behavior, extrinsically motivated behavior, and emotion motivated behavior. The theory goes even further and says there are three basic needs for these behaviors to be successful which are competence, autonomy, and relatedness, (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). Intrinsically motivated behavior is engaging in activities for one’s own sake because it is interesting and enjoyable. We see this most…

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