The Concept Of Self Actualization Essay

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The concept of self-actualization was first derived by Abraham Maslow. Born August 1st, 1908 in Brooklyn New York. Maslow 's concept is that self-actualization is a multi-level of achievement. With the highest level being achieved only when one has reached a commensurate level of fulfillment gained throughout a lifetime. In Order to to achieve this level of actualization there are four lower levels that must be truly gained for a person to say they have reached self-actualization. My paper will highlight how each of these lower levels correlate to my life, and give my personal insight as too when i believe I will reach self-actualization. The recounts of my life will help give a in depth look at how I perceive Maslow 's theory.

Level One: Basic Needs (Food, Water, Shelter)
Level Two: Security (Security, Stability, Freedom)
Level Three: Love and Belonging (Family, Friends, Relationships)
Level Four: Esteem Needs (Career, Achievement, Goals, Hobbies) Level Five: Self-Actualization (Fulfillment)

Basic Needs
The lowest level of Maslow 's concept is basic needs. This level describes what Maslow believes are the basic necessities people need to survive. Things such as shelter, water, electricity. These are our physiological needs “ Maslow theorized that we seek to satisfy these basic needs… Before we are motivated to satisfy any of our other needs” (p.178). Believing that these needs were the base for survival. Being…

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