Realism In Reality Tv

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Television, like film, always was after realistic features. It is in human nature that we look for similarities and judge what is shown to us for its realistic feature. Realism. A concepted in television which has been a key role in how television was constucted to what is television now.As years went by, the real world starts to be recreated in TV more and more accurately. On another hand, as years passed, this realism chase also brought out how problematic it is to suggest that television ’reflects’ reality. Does it reflects how we live our lives or does is construct a reality to be followed? Television uses the principles of realism in Reality Shows like Big Brother as claims to 'reflect ' reality.
Realism in texts is often marked as being
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Reality TV suggests to be reality-based texts, but is it reality? Vaughan expresses this point with a very simple theory. If a horse is to be filmed galloping, faced with the filming crew its behavior will change, most probably because of fright. The crew will then have to control the horse until it perform what would look like the horse galloping around as normally. In this case, there are two events to take count of. What would happen without the camera and what would happen if the camera was there (Vaughan 41-2). People will change when they are being recorded, They would try to please the camera, personas would be created, empty words would be said. It claims to 'the real ', however, half of Reality TVs are half fictional, meaning scripts were prepared in advance. Because of it, Reality TV has the reputation to be fake and in consequence, it is not taken seriously by the mass. However, it does not mean it is not talked about. Reality TV, even with its critics on its claim to 'the real ', is one of the television genres most popularize. Nowadays, television is mainly divided between Series, Reality TV programs, Sports Events and the News. Reality TV being one of the most viewed programmes, it offers a great deal of variety of programme. Reality shows include survivals shows, competitions of singing, dancing or food shows, dating and relationship shows, celebrity shows, and many other mundane or …show more content…
In other words, some of the footages aren 't being shown or inversely, only the ones in which it is deemed important is shown. Most probably, a day in the Big Brothers house is quiet and normal. But, they still find and hour worth of drama. This is how editing comes in hand in reality shows. Editing in reality shows, in contrary to most other shows like series, it is used as a tool: The manipulation of representation. It shows what they want to show, when they want to show and how they want to show. Someone 's personality could be entirely reversed and it would not be known. Editors take full advantage of this, making one look bad for another to shine just so it would fit the context, or just to make it look like there is more drama than there actually is. In the same way, it can work in favor for the contestant or against. It can be made so the contestant is portrayed as moody, showing all its moody moments, leaving off all the normals ones so the when he is eliminated, it followed the pattern used in the editing. This can also be advantageous for a celebrity like in Celebrity Big Brother in which they can show a good side of the celebrity, leaving out all the bad moments. According to Holmes, a celebrity 's persona is constructed depends on the on or off-screen by the print media. This also takes part in the "construction of the programme 's claim

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