The Concept Of Racism

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Racism exists as a device of control. Racism is a rather modern concept, proven by its nonexistence in ancient texts and history. The concept of "race" was introduced by the emergence of the colonial age. Its purpose was to incite nations to follow to colonial trend and to justify the abuses of colonialism. Racism is purely a social and mental construction, which can be regarded by closely examining history, psychology, and sociology of the human race. Racism still serves quite effectively as a device of control through division, in American today. When examining recent trends in political, social and economic systems of America it is clear that racism clearly exist. Nevertheless, opponents contend that racism cannot possibly thrive and coexist …show more content…
Bolling is the co-host of Fox News Channels’ early evening talk show The Five. In a segment of the Five Boling argue against the existence of racism, he stated “It’s getting tiring. We have a black president, black senators, we have black heads — captains of business, companies, we have black entertainment channels. Where is the… Is there racism?” Bolling assumes that black people are just complaining about racism and that it no longer exist because black have a black president, Black senators, we have Black CEO 's and Black entertainment channels. Basically, black people sure just be happy with what they have and stop fighting for equality. Bolling argument is a complete joke, having black president, black CEO’s or a Black TV channel does mean racism has disappeared. This argument proves that racism exist because if there was no racism we wouldn’t have to count all the things black people get, because in an equal society everything would be shared and diversified. His second claim is that “Black people are perpetuating racism”. Just because white people get nervous at the thought of true equality does mean black people should end the conversation on racism. The disadvantage of racism, outweigh the benefits of preserving racism by the black community. Thus, referring back to McInnes comment referring to white people that” We 're too busy making stuff and generating revenue to oppress anyone. ” Black people are too busy jumping through the obstacles set aside to hinder their progress to perpetuate racism, in their spare time. Bolling last claim is that its time to move on for racism. Yes, we definitely need to move pass racism, but the only way to end racism is if the oppressors, stop targeting black

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