The Concept Of Puberty On Girls Essay

803 Words Jan 30th, 2016 4 Pages
For my commercial analysis, I chose a very popular Always ad that aired during the 2015 Superbowl. In brief, the ad is assessing the concept of puberty on girls. The video demonstrates a variety of girls-and a few boys- with different age ranges being told to perform certain actions that reveal their definition or idea of doing something “like a girl”. To start off, this commercial is supportive of women and women 's rights. It also promotes both confidence and self-esteem. After watching the entire commercial it becomes very evident that this commercial is arguing how the way society views and projects females affect women and their concept of themselves. By making this argument in the form of a video, not only does it become exposed to a large amount of both men and women, but the visual creates a stronger connection between the argument/message and the audience. I believe images found in magazines or in social media would 've also been effective, whereas simple text wouldn 't. Our society relies heavily on social media and by exposing their argument there, they are presenting their argument in a way that society can understand, connect with, and reflect upon. Regardless, making a video, a commercial video, was what I believe to be the most effective way. Since this commercial is a Superbowl commercial, its audience already consist a large portion of the sport fans-both female and male- which I think is who their target audience was because the actions demonstrated on…

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