Essay on The Concept Of Living Health

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The concept of living health is one that is defined differently depending on personal perspective. Dr. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse in her Humanbecoming theory reconceptualizes the concept of quality of life into a more dynamic one, living quality, which is more accurately used to describe life and the human experience as more than just one moment in time (Parse, 2013). For this reason, I will examine the meaning of personal health, personal patterns of relating, current and future hopes and wishes for health, personal definition of nursing and living health, and personal faith journey as an constantly changing process that I greatly value.
Meaning of Personal Health Health is the state of being free from injury and illness. Traditionally, this is how health has been viewed, and it is further assessed as being good or bad in relation to certain standards (Pilkington & Jonas-Simpson, 2009). Additionally, the natural sciences tend to view health as something that can be maintained and altered. Parse and the Humanbecoming theory view health differently. Health is viewed as a living value and is not just something that is quantified (Pilkington & Jonas-Simpson, 2009). Health through this perspective is a process of being who an individual is and describes how the individual is the coauther of his or her own health (Pilkington & Jonas-Simpson, 2009).
Personally, I believe that I am in control of many aspects of my own health. For instance, I have the power of making the choice of…

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